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Our fantastic Customer Service team has compiled a list of solutions to common problems we know people run into. In the event you’re still stuck just give us a shout at 1-877-903-1883

Trouble with printing receipts/Replacing the paper roll

When changing the paper roll make sure that the output of paper is coming out from underneath the roll, and be certain that the printer cover clicks when closed. To feed paper and verify that it is installed correctly press 3 (Verifone), the paperfeed button next to 0 (Ingencio) or * (Hypercom). Running low on paper? CRPG offers paper rolls for our merchants! Please click here to order.

Need to reprint a receipt?

In the event your terminal suddenly shuts off during/after a transaction and you would like to reprint the receipt you may do so by pressing the “Reprint” button on Verifone terminals (next to the Alpha key). With Ingencio terminals please select Admin – Reports – EMV last trans and your receipt will reprint. On Hypercom terminals press Reports button and then select “Reprint”.

Connection Issues

Connection issues are the case when the communication is not constant between your terminal and the external host (the network that approves/declines transactions). In te majority of these cases a hard reset (reboot of the terminal) will fix the issue. To perform a hard reset, unplug your terminal’s internet and/or phone line, followed by the power cord. You should wait 20-30 seconds before first plugging in the internal and/or phone line followed by the power cord. In the event the issue persists please give our tech specialists a ring at 1-877-903-1883.

Void V/S Refund

A credit card payment that is yet to be settled can be void, therefore cancelling the sale. On a debit card or a credit transaction that was settled you must use refund to ensure the funds are transferred back to the cardholder.


Settling is an industry term that means closing the batch and pushing the funds to your bank, on the terminal. The process is simple – press the Settlement key on the terminal. This clears all transactions from the machine’s memory, so make sure to print any needed reports prior to doing this.

Voice authorization of offline sales

In the event the transaction needs voice authorization (you’ll receive the message “voice auth. required” on the receipt), please call this toll free number: 1-800-268-8241

. You’ll receive an authorization number and can proceed with an off-line sale to complete the transaction. If you need any further assistance, just give our specialists a call at 1-877-903-1883.

Transactions to date

You don’t have to wait until the end of day settlement report to know transaction details or what your sales numbers look like. On Verifone terminals select “Reports” and then select “Audit” to print out a detailed report of transactions to date. On Ingenico terminals press the Admin – EMV Reports – EVM statistics. Hypercom terminals offer a “Reports” button; selecting “Audit” will also print a detailed report of the transactions passed since the last settlement.