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IWL 252:

The speed and security of Bluetooth technology is alive and well with the IWL252 from Ingenico. This terminal gives you the ability to accept payments from any spot in your establishment, which is a feature that always makes your life easier by offering convenience to your customers while impressing them with the technology you have available to them.

This sleek, modern, and light terminal boasts a large screen with colour display meaning no headaches while trying to make out what has been punched in. Ingenico’s advanced Telium2 architecture coupled with powerful cryptographic algorithms mean protection of the card data captured by your terminal throughout the day.

  • Contactless payment available soon
  • Powerful Li-ion batteries deliver up to 650 transactions on a single charge
  • Strong Bluetooth connection gives you freedom of movement
  • EMV approved for chip card processing
  • Comfortable and lightweight design