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IWL 255:

The IWL 255 can be summarized in one word: mobility. This wireless solution from Ingenico is pocket-sized with backlit keys, a crystal-clear colour screen, and a tough case meaning that your need for a terminal whenever, wherever, is met with a piece of technology that satisfies all of the necessary characteristics.
The flexibility of using this long range terminal comes at no expense to security. The Telium2 technology from Ingenico assures the safety of all the data secured by the terminal meaning you can remain focused on your business. Alongside its quick 3G wireless capability the IWL 255 makes quick and safe work of all your transaction needs.3-2-3-Solution-Hardware-Long_07

  • Contactless payment available soon
  • 3G Connection works anywhere, anytime
  • EMV approved for chip card processing
  • Powerful Li-ion batteries deliver up to 650 transactions on a single charge.
  • Intuitive customer interface and sleek menu design