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Card Acceptance

At this point, credit and debit card payments are becoming more common than cash and for good reason, namely, your customer’s preferences. Customers appreciate the speed and convenience that accompanies payments made with plastic.
When you accept your customer’s preferred form of payment, you are:

  • Increasing your sales: When your customers are freed from the constraints of the amount of cash they have in their wallets, they’re not only more likely to make a purchase; they also tend to spend 20% more!
  • Providing better customer service: When you give your customers what they want, you encourage loyalty and increase the likelihood that will visit your store again.
  • Saving time: Electronic payments take less time than those made with cash, reducing wait time for your customers.
  • Improving your security: By decreasing the amount of cash you have on hand in your business, you are less vulnerable to theft.

Keep your current customers happy and attract new ones by accepting credit and debit cards.