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Gift cards are quickly becoming one of the most popular gifts for all occasions; it’s no wonder that all of the big box stores have been harnessing this additional source of income for years! CRPG has partnered with GIVEX to bring this lucrative piece of merchandise to businesses of all sizes.
Gift cards are a great additional revenue stream for a number of reasons, some obvious and some unexpected. The cards not only represent an additional product for you to sell and as such bring in more money, they have hidden benefits as well. Statistics show that customers spend differently when shopping with gift cards- they are more likely to pay full price than those paying through other means and often times, they spend more than the value loaded onto the card. That is, if they redeem their gift card at all.

  • Increased Sales and customer base through the built-in loyalty program.
  • Increased profit from unspent gift card balances.
  • Improved reporting capabilities.
  • Returns in the form of a store credit keep money in your pocket.
  • The cards are fraud-resistant as they only have value when activated when purchased.
  • Have more than one location? Have GIVEX set up on all your terminals to harmonize your gift card program.
  • Get your cards re-loadable to maximize the fidelity of your clientele.

With GIVEX, we give you to option to choose between a semi or fully customized program that is tailored around your business. With the customized program, you choose the artwork so you can build brand awareness by personalizing the cards with your own company logo. Even better, with either program, you get 100 cards free with your first purchase!