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About CRPG…

The Canadian Retail Payments Group is a specialized consulting firm advising clients in the areas of consumer payments in Canada. CRPG subject matter experts boasts expertise in payments, specifically in regards to Retail, Financial, and Emerging Payment Technologies, and focus on maximizing revenue while mitigating costs and risk for small to medium size business in the ever changing Canadian Marketplace.


At CRPG we are acutely aware that the overall processing industry does not have a good reputation in the marketplace. In fact, CRPG was established as a response to the grievances merchants expressed in regard to their payment processing experience. The complaints ranged from general confusion to dishonest sales tactics. Well, you spoke and we listened. Our Solutionists will bring their expertise in all verticals associated with processing to help you decrease your costs while simultaneously making you more money in an accessible way.


  1. Integrity. To always be completely transparent & honest with all our merchants.
  2. To offer a competitive processing rate that is easy to understand.
  3. To provide state of the art hardware and ongoing payment solutions.
  4. To provide the highest level of customer service & satisfaction 24/7 in the processing industry.


  1. To reduce costs and provide savings to each and every one of our merchants.
  2. To increase our merchant’s revenues and customer traffic using our products and services.
  3. To treat you like an individual – we know that no two merchants are exactly alike and so no two solutions should be either.